Bob Ricketson Photo Gallery



The following are my workbooks. Basically, all the images that I have scanned currently. I used them online to view whenever I need to. I hope to use them as stock photos in the future.

for bookone

for booktwo

for bookthree - all digital - Canon 10D DSLR

Click for bookfour - next collection of scanned slides

Click for bookfive - will be all from negatives

Click for special - special event photos

    As of November 2003, I have included on my web site a selection of my images that I wish to offer as stock photos to any one that is interested. Bookone was truly a working idea - unfortunately, there still exists some of the images that I scanned from 35mm slides to use for various ideas. I am thinking of replacing some of those images with new ones. Booktwo, has about 80 percent of the images from the Hudson Valley. That might be the most interesting for people that live locally.

There is a copyright symbol on the image and a copyright statement embedded in the actual file. I decided to to this so that I am aware of any one wishing a copy of the file. The images were scanned with a Nikon LS8000 film scanner at 8 bits. If you have a need for an image larger than 11X16, I will rescan using 16 bits. That just means more data for a better image when larger than 11X16.

I will start building a book with my digital images soon - it will be bookthree.

Email me at or call 518-943-0604, if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to help.